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How to order?

Step 1
Please email order to in the following format:
(1) Full name: (2) Contact number: (3) Address: (4) Item: (5) Quantity:

Step 2
Upon receiving your order, we will send a invoice to you within 2 working days.

Step 3
After receiving the confirmation email, please make payment.

Step 4
Upon payment, please send an email to us in this format:
1) Full name: 2) Date transferred: 3) Amount transferred: 4) Transaction reference no.:

Terms & conditions:
1. No cancellation or changes can be made once your order has been confirmed through email.
2. Your order will only be processed upon receipt of your payment.


1 . Payment by Bank Transfer

  • Payment can be made by bank in into the account either through cash in, account transfer from bank.
  • Our account number is 310-4551509 HOME SWEET HOME DECOR , PUBLIC BANK MELAKA.
  • We recommend these payment for customer who stay in Malaysia as no transaction charge or
    only very minimal transaction charge (vary from each bank)
  • Please email to once payment has been done. In the email,
  • please mention the date and time of transfer, bank, product code and reference number if any.
  • We are sorry that we are unable to process cancellations once the ordered items are shipped.
    We will not entertain any cancellations once the order is confirmed and submitted by the customer.
  • All our deliveries are shipped by POS MALAYSIA. For more information please visit and days of delivery. If you have other preferences, please feel free to contact us